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by Justin Mason - Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 12:51 PM
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Your login credentials for Moodle are the same as for your DAWGS account. 

Your username is your 8000#
Your password is the same as your PIN to log into the DAWGS webpage.

If you don’t remember your Moodle password, or if your password isn’t working, we recommend resetting your PIN on the DAWGS website. If you've followed the steps below and you're still unable to log in, please contact Justin Mason (406-683-7536) for assistance.

  1. As a first step, please go to the DAWGS website:
  2. Your DAWGS account should use the following credentials:
    User ID: your 8000#
    PIN: [you would have set your PIN (aka password) the first time you logged into DAWGS. If you’ve never logged into DAWGS, the default PIN should either be the last 6 digits of your 8000# or your 6-digit date of birth]
  3. If you’re able to log into DAWGS, navigate to the Moodle login page and use the exact same login credentials there (i.e., username: 8000# and password: DAWGS PIN). If you’re unable to log into DAWGS, enter your User ID: 8000#, then click the “Forgot PIN?” button (see screenshot below). 
    A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

  4. DAWGS will prompt you to answer security questions. Answer the questions then set your PIN. The PIN you choose will also be your password for Moodle. After you set your PIN, it will take 1-2 hours for that password to work in Moodle. 
  5. Navigate to UM Western’s Moodle login page (you may want to bookmark the page): Use the following credentials to login:
    username: your 8000#
    password: the PIN you set in DAWGS


Once again, if you've followed the instructions above and are still have trouble logging in to Moodle, please contact Justin Mason (406) 683-7536 for assistance.

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